The college upholds the Gandhian principle of Truth. To seek knowledge is to persevere for truth and it is truth which always triumphs at the end. Hence the college motto is "Truth, Perseverance, Triumph". The objective of the institution is to inculcate in the minds of the would-be teachers, the value of truth in all facets of life and to create a proper atmosphere for them to acquire the will power and confidence to strive for knowledge and to persevere for their own upliftment and that of the society they live and ultimately to triumph in life.


To inculcate in the minds of the teacher trainees the value of truth in all facets of life and to achieve academic excellence through preservance and triumph hard work for overcoming all challenges and ulimately to triumph in life.


To bring out competent, dedicated socially concerned, morally upright, intellectually well-developed teaching professionals who can provide quality education based on the noble ideals of communal harmony and social co-habitation among the young generation. Quality Policy To be a hub quality system in term of infrastructure, facility and faculty and proccess to impart value based teacher education for shaping the trainee teachers to deliver in turn the promise of equipping and enlightening the future generations to stand up to the expectations of the society and the demands of the times.